Tilt Chute

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Bowman Tilt Chute available with Hoof Trimming options (drop bottom, body straps, head support table) or available as regular Tilt Chute without Hoof Trimming options.

Fast action "scissor-type" entrance and exit doors are hydraulically controlled.

Larger models (Standard Tilt, Bull Tilt, Calf Tilt) available.


  • Three sizes... calf, standard, bull.
  • Heavy 2 1/2 inch tubular steel construction.
  • Tilt feature available on all models, plus use as a regular squeeze chute when tilting feature not required.
  • Lower access door for treatment convenience.
  • Fold-down sides and drop side bars are standard.
  • Headgate extensions available.


  • Drop bottom closes automatically when chute is returned to upright position.
  • Heavy duty body straps can be adjusted hydraulically to hold animal up in chute when drop bottom is open.
  • Head support table with holds for tie-down straps or ropes.
  • Fully hydraulic operation - squeeze bottom, headgate, entrance gate, squeeze sides.

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