Circle Working Facility

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The Bowman Circle Working Facility is designed to process cattle through with minimum time... minimum stress. The Working Facility features a half-circle holding pen with a half-circle, solid-side, wedged alley. A solid panel gate swings through the full arc of the holding pen, so cattle can be moved into the alley with minimum hazing.


  • Two sizes... Calf alley 12" at bottom, 28" at top... Standard alley 16" at bottom, 32" at top
  • Heavy gauge sheet steel panels on alley and holding pen, with 3-inch channel steel frame.
  • All bolt assembly.
  • Smooth sides prevent animal injury from bolt heads, corners, etc.
  • Push-up backstops drop back in place to minimize backing and bunching. Pipe along top of alley prevents piling.
  • Full, 3/4 circle, 1/2 circle, and 1/4 circle working areas available.
  • Shipped from factory in 5 ft. panel sections for easier handling and set-up.
  • Optional S-curve alley available for limited space areas.

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